Blockchain for social impact coalition

Social Impact Starts Here

We are honored to host some of the most interesting and innovative NGOs, entrepreneurs, and governments around. Learn more about the conference programming and the work our members are doing all over the globe. 


building solutions on the ground

The Conference will be an opportunity to meet the specialists and organizations who are building solutions on the ground and working with key stakeholders, end beneficiaries, and governments to make an immediate and concrete difference in the developing world.

Decentralized Impact incubator

 Winners from this year’s Decentralized Impact Incubator will also present their projects, which are focusing on global issues regarding reliable hardware, refugee support, agriculture practices, and mechanisms for democracy.


several touch points, one mission

This year we're focused on developing blockchain-based solutions to pressing global challenges in the following areas: identity management, refugee resettlement, supply chain, energy, financial inclusion, human rights, democracy, and voting.


We're in this together

We look forward to addressing the urgent issues of our time head-on, to working together to make blockchain a vital and accessible resource for citizens around the world, and to laying the groundwork for a sustainable, distributed, and shared future.