Lauren Roman, Client Solutions Metals & Minerals, Everledger

Lauren Roman manages client solutions for metals and minerals supply chains for Everledger. She engages with brand owners and organizations working to validate product lifecycles, particularly around electronics and other products dependent upon minerals and metals. Lauren leverages Everledger’s blockchain platform, first developed to validate the provenance of diamonds to prevent blood diamonds, to establish accountability, transparency and sustainability in supply chains. Everledger is an international organization with operational centers in 6 countries and headquarters in the UK.

Lauren believes that blockchain can make achievement of sustainability goals possible, profitable and, not doing so, inexcusable. Leading a sustainable business is one where every business decision is made with equal weight given to society, the environment and profitability. Lauren has performed as a key stakeholder in numerous USEPA initiatives on electronics lifecycle management, including the development of the EPEAT standard which certifies sustainable electronics and the R2 and e-Stewards. Standards which certify sustainable end-of-life electronics management. Lauren has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets including ABC’s 20/20, NPR and the New York Times. Her own articles have been featured in IoT Journal, RFID Journal, Innovation & Technology Magazine and numerous environmental management publications. In addition to her work at Everledger, she is President of the Seattle Chapter for the Government Blockchain Association.