Megan E. O’Donnell, Director, Financial Inclusion, World Council of Credit Unions

Through her work, Megan drives technology innovation and access to finance in volatile and underserved environments to empower vulnerable populations. For 15 years, she has worked at the intersection of the public and private sectors shaping the social impact of telecom, technology and finance businesses, while advising governments and development actors. In 2010, she launched the ground-breaking $10m mWomen and mAgri partnerships with the GSMA (the global mobile association), USAID, the Gates Foundation and Visa incubating mobile services for low access populations. Since then, she has advised the Central Bank of Russia on digital financial inclusion, designed a mobile money smartphone interface for low-literacy users for Telenor Myanmar’s “Wave Money” and developed digital finance strategies for USAID in Ghana, Mali and East Timor. She scoped the financial inclusion landscape with the UN Capital Development Fund in India, Brazil, Tanzania and Indonesia and also advised the Gates’ Financial Inclusion Initiative. Previously, she was an analyst with GE Capital Ventures in NYC.

Megan has a M.A. in International Development and a B.A. in Economics from Stanford University. She is currently the Director of Financial Inclusion for the World Council of Credit Unions, where she leads digital innovation through WOCCU’s network of 68,000 financial cooperatives in 109 countries reaching 235 million households.