Quan Le, Founder, Binkabi

Quan Le has over 20 years experience in high finance, technology and commodities. He grew up in Vietnam and was educated in Vietnam and Australia. Quan spent over 10 years in Hanoi, Sydney and London, advising global financial services groups in complex financial products and strategy. In 2011, Quan founded growmoreX, an agriculture technology firm bringing proven crop know-how from Asia to Africa. He pioneered drone technology in Africa which led to massive improvement and adoption in land survey, water engineering and crop monitoring – all essential for African food production. Binkabi was born out of this unique confluence of real-life experiences and the need of commodity supply chain players in emerging markets. Quan invented the Barter Block protocol, designed the Binkabi platform and its crypto-economics framework. Quan holds master’s degree in applied finance and still walks the fields of Africa and Asia.