Rave Mehta, Managing Director / Board Member, Mehta Group

Ravé Mehta is an engineer, entrepreneur, futurist and bestselling author. Ravé is a pioneer in the VR and accelerated learning fields and the recipient of the Tesla Vision Award by the Tesla Science Foundation.

Ravé is the founder of Mehta Labs, which incubates and commercializes technologies that increase human potential and can help solve some of humanity’s grand challenges with a mission of positively impacting 1 billion people or more. Central to their focus is applying blockchain technologies to human potential impact themes such as water and environment, education and accelerated learning, radical health and life extension, advanced infrastructure, enhanced human states (flow) and global communities.

Previously, Ravé was a partner with Sun Ventures with a focus on commercializing military technologies. His previous operational experience includes starting and selling several technology companies, including Modis Technologies (sold to Intel), which created virtual reality training and simulations systems for DoD; Princeton Software (sold), a multinational IT services company; and GameCore (sold), a 3D game engine technology company.

Ravé is a former board member of the Florida space agency, and helped with the transition from the national space shuttle program to the commercial space program. Ravé is also the author of ‘The Inventor’, a bestselling graphic novel based on the true story of Nikola Tesla.