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Keynote Speakers

Vanessa Grellet

President, BSIC & ConsenSys

Joseph Lubin

ConsenSys Founder, Ethereum Co-founder

Clyde Vanel

NY State Assembly Member

Amit Bouri

CEO and Co-Founder, GIIN


Shailee Adinolfi

Director of Government Solutions, ConsenSys

Henry R. Aguda

Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Technology and Operations Officer and Chief Transformation Officer, UnionBank of the Philippines, and Chairman of the Board, UBX Philippines

Mark Beylin

Co-Founder, CEO, Bounties Network

Mark Blick

Head of Government Affairs, Diginex

Jake Brukhman

Managing Director & CEO, CoinFund

Cecilia Chapiro

Investment Advisor, UNICEF Innovation Fund

Charlie Chesney

Conservation Innovator, WWF Panda Labs

Christa Foster Crawford

J.D., Principal Consultant & Founding Partner, Freedom Resource International

Danielle David

Co-Founder, Jane Strategy

Patrick Duffy

Founding Partner, The Giving Block

Nithin Eapen

Co-Initiator, Electis

John Egan

Founder, Editional

Fereshteh Forough

Founder and CEO, Code to Inspire

Paul Gambill

Co-Founder, CEO, Nori

Rhett Godfrey

Founding Member, BSIC & Senior Programs Director, Boma Investments LLC

Mauricio Tovar Gutiérrez

Co-director, InITColombia Research Group

Houman Haddad

CFA, United Nations World Food Programme

Steven Haft

Head of Global Partnerships, ConsenSys

Nicole Hamilton

Managing Director, TechHub, Springboard Enterprises

Sandra Hart

Pacific Cash & Livelihoods Lead, Oxfam

Robert J. Hawkins

Global Lead for Technology and Innovation in Education, World Bank

Jalak Jobanputra

Founding Partner, FuturePerfect Ventures

Christine Kim

Tech Reporter, Coindesk

Ayan Kishore

Director, Digital Development, Creative Development Lab, Creative Associates International

Alex Kostura

Director Government and Impact, ConsenSys

Fanny Lakoubay

Head of Public Relations, RadicalxChange

Christine Leong

Managing Director Security, Digital Identity, Access Management, Accenture

Marcos Allende Lopez

Technology Coordinator, LACChain

Alex Mashinsky

CEO, Celsius

Raphael Mazet

CEO, Alice

Susan Mcpherson

Founder and CEO, McPherson Strategies

Thessy Mehrain

Director of Global Product & Innovation, ConsenSys, Founder, Women in Blockchain

Gilles Mentre

Founder, Electis

Tyler Mulvihill

Co-Founder, Viant

Billy Nauman

Producer, Financial Times

Jill Ni

Director, Blockchain Charity Foundation

Stephan Nicoleau

Cofounder, Managing Director, Fullcycle

Lindsay Nuon

Women of Color in Blockchain

Brennan O’Rear

Consultant, QryptoQueers

Tal Oron

Executive Director, GoodDollar

Kevin Owocki

CEO, Gitcoin

Yuliya Panfil

Senior Fellow and Director, Future of Property Rights

Beatriz Helena Ramos

Founder, DADA.nyc

Donna Redel

The Earth Institute

Yorke E. Rhodes |||

Co-Founder of Blockchain, Microsoft

Sandra Ro

Chief Executive Officer, Global Blockchain Business Council

Silvana Rodriguez

Director of Strategic Partnerships, ConsenSys

April Rudin

Founder and President, The Rudin Group

Dr. Jolyne Sanjak

Senior Associate, Tetra Tech

Nimit Sawhney

Co-Founder and CEO, Voatz

Ric Shreves

Director, Emerging Technology, Mercy Corps

Aaron Stanley

Consensus & Live Journalism Editor, CoinDesk

Alicia Syrett

Founder and CEO, Pantegrion Capital

Tomicah Tillemann

Founder and Director of the Blockchain Trust Accelerator and Chair of the Responsible Asset Allocator Initiative, New America

Tal Viskin

Blockchain for Development Lead, Accenture

Jeff Wald

Founder, Work Market

Steven Waterhouse

Orchid Labs

Alex Wilson

Founding Partner, The Giving Block

Alissa Worley

Global Marketing Director, Blockchain | DLT, Accenture

John Zettler

CEO & CoFounder, Rareart

Diego Zuluaga

Policy Analyst, Cato Institute

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